The Stego Zone

Here you will find a blog of my (fan)art and thoughts, as well as reblogs of things that interest me at the time. See my ABOUT page for more! NOTE: This blog may have mild suggestive content, but explicit (18+) material will only be on my NSFW account.


open commissions


LINEARTS - You can get a transparent version to color it yourself or by somebody else if you want to.

headshot: 25€
halfbody: 35€
fullbody: 45€


headshot: 35€
halfbody: 45€
fullbody: 60€

BACKGROUNDS - Can wary from a few props to full detailed scenes with a lot of stuff around. Examples of most of my bg works can be found here.

+ 10€ - ??? depends on complexity, character count and such.

WILL DRAW: Almost anything! Humans, humanoids, anthros, animals, robots, armor, monsters... Fanarts, ocs or your MMORPG characters or such. Groups/couples. Any age. Any body type as long as the proportions are realistic. Blood/gore/body horror.WON'T DRAW: NSFW/suggestive stuff, fetishes. Hate art. Big wings, both feathered and dragon-like. I suck at them lol. Tiny ones are ok.

- Payment upfront. All payments will be done through paypal invoice. You'll get to see the sketch, lineart and then the finished art (if you ordered rendered), you are free to request changes at any point between these even after I send the finished piece at the end.

- For couples the price 2x price of the type you'd want. 3 characters together is 3x the price and so on.

- For bigger more expensive pieces we can split up the payment in half. One half beforehand, one half after the art is done with you getting a full version of the finished art after the final payment is sent.

- For faster replies and such we can work through discord.

- I don't have a lot of art uploaded here so you can see my most recent art in my comm post over at toyhouse, it has some extra info too